Rules of Play

SMACK THE JACK – Rules of Play
Raffle Application number 4474-RF-38295

A- Prize Information

[i] Brandon Seniors for Seniors will seed the first week (Nov 23rd, 2023) accumulator prize with $10,000.00.

[ii]Subsequent week’s accumulator prize will increase by 40% of the previous week’s sales. Subsequent series accumulator shall start with 40% of previous week’s sales.

[iii] Consolation prize for each draw where the Jack of Spades is not revealed will be 20% of that week’s sales.

[iv] If a winning ticket reveals one of the two jokers, the ticket holder shall receive an additional $100.00 coupled with the consolation prize.

[v]Ticket Information

[vi] Ticket sales shall commence at 9:00 A .M. on each Thursday and shall terminate at 11:59 P.M. each Tuesday.

[vii] Ticket prices shall be $5.00 each, 3 for $10.00, and 8 for $20.00.

[viii] Tickets will be electronically generated by computer and will be available on the Smack the Jack website, at Brandon Seniors for Seniors and various location in Brandon relative to availability. Remote sites for each week will be posted and advertised on the Smack the Jack website and Facebook page. Remote site locations will be announced for the week at each drawing.

[ix] Only person 18 years or older will be permitted to purchase tickets and any prize claimant shall be required to present proof of identity and age.

[x]A photo of the envelope board shall be displayed prominently at each sales location.

1. Event Information

[xii] Smack the Jack shall be a weekly event until the Jack of Spades is revealed.

[ii] Brandon Seniors for Seniors, with the authorization of LGCA, may suspend or continue further Smack the Jack events at its discretion after the Jack of Spades has been revealed.

[iii] At approximately 10:30am The Smack the Jack administrator presses the button that picks the winning ticket generated by Bump’s random number generator. If requested, the public can witness the draw at the Brandon Seniors for Seniors office. The winner announcement is broadcast between 1:00pm and 1:15pm on Western Communications Access Channel 12.

[iv] The winning ticket number shall be generated by a random number generator operated by Bump service provider.


2.Draw Information


[i] The target card shall be the Jack of Spades in order to claim the accumulator jackpot.

[ii] A weekly drawing each Wednesday shall be conducted until the Jack of Spades is revealed.

[iii] Individuals who have purchased tickets will indicate an envelope choice at time of purchase. The random number selector will reveal the winning number. The envelope that was chosen will be opened to reveal the card contained within the envelope.

[iv] The winner shall be notified by phone and email. The winner shall have 180 days to confirm that they have the winning ticket. If the prize is not claimed within the 180 days, the prize amount will be added to the current week’s jackpot.

[v] Cards will be shuffled upside down and placed into envelopes without anyone seeing what envelope the Jack of spades is in. The envelopes are then sealed and shuffled before they are placed on the board and numbered. 

[vi] Brandon Seniors for Seniors may, with the authorization of the LGCA, take a hiatus from conducting a draw during certain holiday celebrations such as Christmas, New Year and Easter.

 3.Display of Cards and Envelopes

[i] All cards shall be randomly placed by Brandon Seniors for Seniors Co-op Inc in separate envelopes and shall be prominently displayed on the Smack the Jack website and at all sales locations and at each event. A video indicating the winning ticket holder, number and envelope choice will be played during the broadcast on WCG channel 12. The chosen envelope shall be opened on air revealing its card contents.

[ii] After a card has been revealed it shall be displayed on the board in its location and on the Bump website for future draws. The administrator of the Smack the Jack raffle shall update the website immediately after the draw indicating the card revealed and its location on the board.

 4. Additional Rules

[i] No one under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase tickets or claim prizes.

[ii] Draw will be broadcast on Westman Media Access 12 channel.

[iii] If the winning ticket reveals the Jack of Spades, the ticket holder shall claim the accumulator jackpot.

[iv] If the winning ticket does not reveal the Jack of Spades, then the ticket holder will claim the consolation prize for that week.

[v] Picking a joker shall add $100 to the consolation prize.